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Name: Brennan Tan

Title: Senior Consultant

Profile/Professional Summary

A high-performing management consultant and training professional eager to develop others and deliver business results. Equipped with 23 years of working experience in Education, Health, Marketing, Public Administration, Information Technology and Construction. Multi-disciplined, multi-industry with international exposure. Strong in facilitation, analysis and implementation of change initiatives. Relentlessly pursue personal mission in raising productivity and service standards of client organizations, backed by global outlook and international exposure.

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Professional Consultancy and Advisory Specialization

Business and Service Excellence

Specialise in holistic change management of people and processes, in achieving positive results in key management areas such as people, internal process, customer and finance.

Business Process Improvement

Specialise in redesign of work processes to cut down wastages, automation of information management and business intelligence.

Human Capital Development

Specialise in performance management and performance coaching.

Professional Qualifications

Practicing Management Consultant (PMC)

Certified by Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC).

SkillsFuture Mentor

Conduct coaching and mentoring of SMEs in enhancing internal learning and development system, especially On-the-Job-Training. Certified by SPRING Singapore.

Business Advisor (SPRING-SIM Business Advisors Programme, 2016).

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA – Facilitated Learning)

Certified by Institute of Adult Learning(IAL), WDA.

Special Skills and Certifications

Singapore Quality Award, Business Excellence

Capacity as a SQA Champion in facilitation of organizational change. Recognition of the achievement of being a world-class organization, awarded by SPRING Singapore

Business Excellence Assessment

Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

A series of Productivity and Innovation Awards(national level) attained

Key Business and Consultation Projects

SkillsFuture Mentorship Programme

Objectives: To assist SMEs in developing learning and development capabilities to become an employer of choice

Sector: Water Treatment and Recycling

Nature of Business: Water systems and technologies in supporting pharmaceutical and industrial products, and waste water recycling for industrial use

Outcomes: Completed diagnostics on human resource maturity level and training needs analysis. Guided on-the-job training blueprint for selective functional roles. Resulted in strong market position in winning high-value overseas’ projects.

Business Excellence Diagnosis

Objectives: To guide organizational improvement through business diagnosis using a holistic management framework

Sector: Retail

Nature of Business: Garment Retail Chain

Outcomes: Completed gap analysis of business with recommendations in the form of prioritized improvement roadmap. Business owner received “Best Business Management” awards for consecutive 2 years in Johor.

Established Performance Management System

Objectives: To develop a practical performance management system to achieve business results.

Sector: Print Media

Nature of Business: Design and Printing

Outcomes: Implemented KPIs for key roles aligning to strategic objectives. Conducted performance coaching for supervisors and above in spaced intervals. With soft skills developed, the people have shown good achievement in terms of wastage control, workplace safety, customer service and problem solving skills.

Building a Winning Performance Culture

Objectives: Build a high performance work team by enhancing corporate culture through the development of company core values and core management skills.

Sector: Print Media

Nature of Business: Marketing of Printing Solutions

Outcomes: Created a conducive work environment by cultivating a sense of common purpose, trust and commitment led by leaders that encourage active engagement of employees. Improved managerial effectiveness by deepening the skills surrounding 4 key managerial functions. Attained high retention of customers and staff.

Business Process Improvement

Objectives: To streamline internal processes in order to achieve productivity growth

Sector: Public Service

Nature of Business: Tax administration

Outcomes: Customized and automated work flows for many in-house processes, resulting in long-term work efficiency and millions in cost savings. Led 3 Work Improvement Teams(WITs) in On-the-Job problem solving and learning. Created SOPs and delivered related training for internal customers and external vendors, retaining critical organization knowledge.

Name: Jerry Yeo

Title: Senior HR Consultant/Skills Future Mentor/Workplace Learning Specialist.

Profile/Professional Summary

Jerry is a Human Resource practitioner who specialises in Spring Singapore-led HR solutions and Institue of Adult Learning workplace learning solutions for SME. Jerry has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and Development with local firms, government agencies and statutory boards, MNCs from United States, Asia and European set up. Most recently, he supported government grant projects in Skills Future Mentorship, ICV grants and Business Advisory Programs.

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Professional Consultancy and Advisory Specialization

Skills Future Mentor ( accredited with Republic Polytechnic & Spring Singapore)

Specialise in improving L&D initiatives for SME and MNC via implementation, mentorship, and on-site facilitation programmes.

Workplace Learning Specialist, Institute of Adult Learning (IAL)

Specialise in Learning Index Diagnostic, Workplace Learning Intervention Methodology.

Professional Qualifications

Practicing Management Consultant (PMC)

Certified by TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd (Spring Singapore certification body)

Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) Associate

Spring Singapore approved ICV service Provider in the areas of , Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, and Learning and Development

Skill Future Mentor

Conduct coaching and mentoring of SMEs in Training and Development, certified by Spring Singapore

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA – Facilitated Learning)

Certified by Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA)

Workplace Learning Specialist – Practitioner

Accredited by Institute of Adult Learning, WSG.

Special Skills and Certifications

Harrison Assessment System on Applications and User Level (Behavioural assessment)

Accredited by Harrison Assessment Center

Adjunct Lecturer and Facilitator, Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviours

Accredited by Republic Polytechic Problem Based Learning (PETAL)

Key Business and Consultation Projects

SkillsFuture Mentorship Programme ( Spring Singapore)

Objectives: To assist and help SMEs to develop training and development capabilities in becoming employer of choice.

Sector: Wood making and Contract Manufacturing

Nature of Business: Contract manufacturing services with internship from Republic Polytechnic, NTU, WSQ and Non-WSQ programs

On the Job Training Development (SNEF Enterprise Training Scheme) for leading landscaping and construction company

Objectives: To improve on the job training aim at increasing profitability and reducing manpower cost via standardised training for new and existing operation staff

Sector: Landscaping

Nature of Business: Construction and landscaping

Outcomes: Completed gap diagnostics of business with recommendations of OJT and training roadmap for increased customer satisfaction and increased profitability

Innovation and Capability Voucher – L&D for F&B company.

Objectives: To develop a L&D framework for achieving business expansion for a leading Chinese Cuisine company.

Sector: F&B.

Nature of Business: Asian Culinary Business

Outcomes: Completed with Learning and Development framework and implementation roadmap to achieve mid- to long-term business expansion.

Business Advisory Program (Spring Singapore) for Contract Manufacturer, Medical Supplies

Objectives: To develop a robust Human Resource system to achieve business results.

Sector: Contract Manufacturing.

Nature of Business: Manufacturing and Distribution.

Outcomes: Implemented companywide Human Resource Framework and provided training and checklist for managerial compliance.

Workplace Learning Intervention Proposal (Institute of Adult Learning) for Contract Manufacturer in PCB

Objectives: Build a high performance engineering work team by enhancing workplace learning through development of company core instructor led program for engineering team effectiveness.

Sector: Leading Contract Manufacturer for PCB

Nature of Business: Electronics

Outcomes: Completed workplace intervention proposal with project implementation schedules and training with individual and team learning roadmaps which resulted in better team work and enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced engineering changes requests and better product briefing communication.

Name: Low Sok Leng

Title: Associate Consultant

Profile/Professional Summary

Sok Leng is a Certified Productivity Consultant. She has worked on projects to improve productivity in SMEs in the Food and Beverage and Retail industries. She has more than 10 years of working experience in finance and accounting, where she specialized in process improvement, systems implementation and audit.

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Professional Consultancy and Advisory Specialization

Productivity Improvement

Finance Process Improvement

Professional Qualifications

Certified Productivity Consultant

Certified by Singapore Productivity Centre and Japan Productivity Centre

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment

Certified by Singapore Training and Development Association

Special Skills and Certifications

Coach and facilitator of Enhanced Certified Productivity Practitioner Programme

Programme certified and accredited by Singapore Productivity Association

Key Business and Consultation Projects

Productivity Improvement

Objectives: To improve productivity by increasing profitability and reducing costs

Sector: Food and Beverage

Nature of Business: Restaurant

Outcomes: Identified key areas to improve back of house and front of house operations to increase service standards with lower manpower needs

Productivity Improvement

Objectives: To improve productivity by increasing profitability and reducing costs

Sector: Retail

Nature of Business: Swimwear

Outcomes: Identified key improvements to visual merchandising and inventory management to increase sales and reduce inventory costs

Productivity Improvement

Objectives: To improve productivity for inventory management for warehouse and retail operations

Sector: Retail

Nature of Business: Uniforms

Outcomes: Identified key improvements to inventory processes for warehouse operations and sales processes for retail operations

Finance Process Improvement

Objectives: To improve finance processes by reducing manhours and increasing controls

Sector: Information Technology

Nature of Business: Service Provider

Outcomes: Implemented re-designed finance processes from mail collection to payroll with a 20% reduction in manhours with stronger controls

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