Case Study 1

Food Manufacturer and Distributor Develop Performance Management Capability

Project Background

Spring Grant Application: Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Project Focus: To enhance Human Resources Capabilities for Expansion.

Project Objective: To develop a robust performance management system to achieve business results.

Client Background

Sector: Health Tonics and Supplements

Nature of Business: Manufacturing and Distribution

Countries of Business Operated: Singapore, China and Malaysia

The Challenge

Key factors identified affecting business development:

  • Operating as a “family oriented business” successfully for the last 30 years, the company inherited cronyism culture leads to inefficient meetings and communication, resulted in ambiguous instructions or directions to staff activity.
  • Stretch resources with limited capability to grow their business in this competitive market.
  • Lack of dedicated teams for different areas of their business, such as human resource or sales and marketing.
  • Focusing on specific business functions to emerge as a leader in their growing market is a challenge due to lack in knowledge and resources.
  • Difficult to attract the right talents required for further business expansion.

Diagnostic Conclusion

To enhance the human resource capability by implementing system to motivate the existing employees and seek growth by recruitment. The management concluded that one of the key challenges is to maintain a robust performance management system to retain and attract talent.

Approach and Recommendation

We led a cross-functional and collaborative team with our client to explore needs, approaches, and opportunities of human resources capability. The project team identified the critical success factors, team strength and challenges through diagnostic processes.

The process leads to establishing a performance management framework aligned to meet our client’s long term business growth strategy for expansion.

Together with our experienced consultants, our client’s management team first identified and established the company’s vision, mission and company core values critical for the success of the business growth and expansion.

A SMART goal setting process is adopted to define business growth objectives, and identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our client’s management puts in effort in communicating with its staff to align respective departmental and individual goals to the business KPIs, ensuring teams work towards a common objectives.

One of the key achievement is integrating company core values into the performance management system to cultivate the desired mind-set, behaviour and actions for the staff in achieving company’s business objectives.

The project focus on establishing the appraisal process to achieve not just the tangible operational and business KPIs, but also the intangible goals of company values and behaviour.

Implementation of the first appraisal cycle complete with conducting trainings and staff communication sessions for goals alignment.

Performance Management Capability

Manpower Planning Capability

Enhance Corporate Culture

Enhance Employee Communication

The Results Were Amazing

Key milestones achieved:

  • Setting clear Y2015 tangible and intangible SMART goals aligning with long term business objectives.
  • Successfully communicated to staff on actions needed to achieve key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Integrating company core values as measurable performance elements into the appraisal system.
  • Overcoming challenges and self-doubts to create team confidence in achieving business objectives.
  • Develop a clear mandate from management to support implementation focusing achieving business results.

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