Case Study 2

Food Manufacturer and Distributor Develop Manpower Planning Capability

Project Background

Spring Grant Application: Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Project Focus: To enhance Human Resources Capabilities for Expansion.

Project Objective: To develop a manpower planning processes capability to achieve business expansion.

Client Background

Sector: Healthy Lifestyle – Tonics and Supplements

Nature of Business: Manufacturing and Distribution

Countries of Business Operated: Singapore, China and Malaysia

The Challenge

Key factors identified affecting business expansion and development:

  • No experience manpower to start establishing their business plan, especially in area where the company is not the strength of their business.
  • Resources is in short supply within the company especially experienced and quality manpower in sales and logistic support.
  • Current organisational structure is not the best to support the expansion.
  • No budget allocation planned for any manpower planning to support expansion.
  • No skill-knowledge gap analysis to understand the SWOT of their people.

Diagnostic Conclusion

To enhance the manpower planning capacity by implementing a comprehensive system to meet the expansion of the business. The diagnostic concluded that,

  • Human resources must meet the new organisational structure to support business expansion.
  • System must have capability to perform needs analysis for current and future manpower requirements.
  • Budgeting of manpower planning must be one of the deliverable.
  • Manpower planning must contribute increase in profitability achieving long term business objectives.

Approach and Recommendation

Our consultants led a cross-functional team with our client to build a robust and comprehensive manpower planning system. Through a series of systematic diagnostic processes, the project team established a manpower planning framework, contextualise and align to business growth plan for client’s long term expansion strategy.

Working closely together with the client’s management team, our consultants established the following:

  1. Refine their business objectives to clearly define their goals focusing to achieve short term and long term financial profitability, and achieve business continuity.
  2. Recommend re-organising the company reporting structure to match and support business objectives. (Profitability to support initiatives)
  3. Define roles and responsibility of critical resources (key managers) to hold on key roles.
  4. Create new department/section to match initiatives.
  5. Redefine roles and responsibilities of staff to support business objectives.
  6. Craft the manpower framework, process and procedure, budgeting, step-by-step guidebook and instructions, complete with forms and documentation.
  7. Complete with project budget and forecast of sales for YR2015/2016.
  8. Recommended to start manpower planning with sales and marketing group. – Lifeline of the business to ensure continuous income to support initiative.

Performance Management Capability

Manpower Planning Capability

Enhance Corporate Culture

Enhance Employee Communication

The Results Were Amazing

Key milestones achieved:

  1. Setting clear business targets aligning with long term business expansion strategy.
  2. Established organisational structure with clear roles and responsibilities to support business growth.
  3. A robust process and procedures for manpower planning to support business expansion and growth plan.
  4. Established documented and forms for manpower planning.

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