Case Study 3

Marine Engineering Firm Enhancing Corporate Culture through Development of Company Core Values

Project Background

Project Focus: To enhance enhancing corporate culture through development of company core values.

Project Objective: To develop company core values and corporate culture, with enhance employees’ communication.

Client Background

Sector: Marine Engineering

Nature of Business: Ship building and marine parts engineering

Countries of Business Operated: Singapore, and Myanmar

The Challenge

Key factors identified affecting business development:

  • No define corporate culture and company core values.
  • Poor employees’ communication throughout all levels of the corporation structure.
  • Business goals not align and not communicate to all employees.

Diagnostic Conclusion

To enhance the employees’ communication and alignment in goals to meet and achieve business expansion plan, the diagnostic concluded that,

  • The management must develop a corporate culture and define the company core values.
  • Systematic approach to provide better communication to all levels of employees.
  • Critical to identify the key employees as the “movers” in the company to unite the team together.

Approach and Recommendation

We led a cross-functional team with our client to build a robust and comprehensive exercise to identify the corporate culture that are recognised and accepted by employees, vendors and customers.

The task force defined the key core values that represent the business, which represent the company.

Working closely together with the client’s management team, we established the following:

  1. Identified core team with profiling tools – suitability of performing the task required and holding key task position.
  2. Brainstorm and defined company core values.
  3. Identified the corporate culture that most represent the company and its business.
  4. Process to communicate and implement the new culture and core values throughout the corporate.
  5. Recommended to incorporate core values into performance management system.

Performance Management Capability

Manpower Planning Capability

Enhance Corporate Culture

Enhance Employee Communication

The Results Were Amazing

Key milestones achieved:

  1. Align common goals with better understanding of expectations, to achieve business goals.
  2. Better communication processes between management and all levels of employees.
  3. Ability to hire the right people into the business align with core values and corporate culture.
  4. Opportunity to further integrate core values and culture into annual performance management system.

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