Productivity Case Study 2

Shoe Retailer Identify Productivity Gaps to Improve Sales and Services

Project Background

Project Objective:

  1. To review and diagnose the retailer’s profiles and needs with special attention on sales and service strategy.
  2. To propose recommendations for productivity improvements (short & long term) based of sales and service strategy,

Client Background

Sector: Retailer

Nature of Business: Retail of men and women shoes in major shopping malls

Countries of Business Operated: Singapore

Diagnostics Conclusion and Challenge

The diagnostics concluded that the business is facing major challenges from multiple areas:

  1. Changing shopping behaviour – More and more consumers are expecting 24-hour online shopping and international delivery.
  2. Rising expectations – Consumers seek new experiences and want to be engaged on a personalised level across different channels, rather than more traditional methods of impersonal purchases in a physical store.
  3. Digitization – The importance of which, cannot be underscored enough as businesses must raise productivity and enhance operations through technology and automation.
  4. Opportunities overseas – New markets in the region are opening up for Singapore retailers to capitalise on, as consumers there become more knowledgeable of global trends.

Productivity Improvement

Performance Management Capability

Approach and Recommendation

Quick Win Solutions

Short and Long Term Solutions

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