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Phillip Chang
Owner of UT Technologies Pte Ltd

Operation Executive of UT Technologies Pte Ltd

Abduall Hashmi
Internship Student from UAE, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Maung Mya Aye

Christopher Tan

Anfal Abdualla
Internship Student from UAE, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

“Demonstrated his dedication to train more than hundreds of employees”

I have known David for many years, it truly has been great working with him and I am more than happy to recommend him.

At Chartered Semiconductor (Global Foundries), David worked in the Learning & Development department. He always has the passion to coach our young and mid-level managers on how to take care and manage of their own troops.

He has demonstrated his dedication to train more than hundreds of these employees across the company.

Lap Chan

Professor, Singapore University of Technology & Design

“A Wealth of People Management Experience”

I have known David for many years since my early days in Fab Operations. David has always shown professionalism in the role that he plays in both Operations and Human Resource Development.

David has a wealth of people management experience, with expert knowledge in coaching, talent development and succession planning. I have benefited greatly from a Organization Development Leadership Program with David as my mentor.

Liang Moh Ng

Pricing Senior Manager (APJ Lead), Dell

I heartily endorse David for his ability to organise, communicate and guide employees in their training needs.

Additionally, he has been a valuable partner in discussions of organisation development and talent assessment.

Daniel Steele Senior


“I could always count on his support”

I had the pleasure of working with David at Chartered Semiconductor (Global Foundries) for many years.

It is my pleasure to recommend him. He was always upbeat and willing to help. He demonstrated consistently great people’s skills, was well organized, and a good team player.

I could always count on his support. He was well liked by his peers, superiors, and subordinates. I wish him great success in his endeavors.

Sudipto Roy

Senior Director, America Business Unit of SMIC, General Manager Tech Design Support, Santa Clara

“Demonstrated high adaptability and transferable skills”

David was one of the Modules Manufacturing Section Managers at Chartered Semiconductor that I worked with very closely as Industrial Engineer.

He is a highly logical and objective person, n
ever once his emotion interfered in his work, although many of times the whole operation team were pressured by tight deadlines. I admired him for that. He also demonstrated high adaptability and transferable skills when there was some organization restructuring and he moved from one Module to another, immediately picked up the technical knowledge and able to focus on the new Module’s capacity bottleneck and crisis right away.

He was like a mentor to me, being much more experienced in the industry and the company, and most of all, he was willing to share his knowledge when approached.

Wye San Choi

Program Manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Industrial Engineering, Capacity Planning

“I will rate an 8.5 out of 10 for HA Profiling”

I was introduced to Harrison Assessment Profiling by one of my friend, Mr David Koh from Talent Continuity, who is a certified Harrison Assessment Profiler. The first thought that crossed my mind at that time was…”is this another assessment tool similar to DISC and or Emergenetic?

I decided to take up the profiling after David explained to me about the extensive areas Harrison Assessment covers and the focus of the assessment is specifically on career, our suitability of the job that we are in as well as your strength and weaknesses when interacting with people and dealing with challenges etc.

The online questionnaire is user-friendly and the questions are direct and simple. I never expect the report to be so extensive and detailed. The graphs and information provided are precise and clear. The report allows me to see a clearer picture of my past self and the way I interacted with my colleagues under different situation and how I gathered information to make important decision.

I must say that I am amazed by the detailed description of myself from the report. When I reflected on my past experiences during the course of going through the report with David, I need to admit that the accuracy is very high!

David had done a great job in reviewing my report. He is professional and patient. He explained my profile without prejudice and allow me time to ask questions and relate my experiences with no judgement. With the professional’s explanation and assistance in answering my queries, the one-to-one review session is definitely an added value to such intensive profiling.

The review session is a good way to look and hear from a third party of your capacity, strength and weaknesses to adjust, improve and overcome, to excel in a career that you enjoy.

I will use the report as a guide and a reminder to improve, strengthen and expand my professional capability to create and achieve continuous success together with the people I work with. I will rate an 8.5 out of 10 for HA Profiling. This is a useful tool not only for oneself but it is also an essential assessment tool to interpret the suitability, and capacity of potential candidates for recruitment, new job functions and delegations.

I believe that HR personnel and management level will benefit most from HA Profiling. If there is a need, I will recommend HA Profiling service.
I will recommend David’s service to people I know when they have a need. I will consider to use the profiling tool on the key personnel.

Choo Lee Lian

Director, CLS International Marketing Pte Ltd

“Throughout the entire review session, my head was nodding all the way”

For the past 10 years, I had done many profiling tools, both from the scientific and metaphysics.

David Koh is a great friend, coach and like a brother figure that I never had. We are friends for more than 10 years. When he first introduce HA Assessments to me, I was pretty skeptical as I had done others before.

To my amazement, there are a few surprises.

The first surprise came when I realize that the entire profiling session was so simple, easy and short. All I need was to click on a link provided in the email, follow the instruction and within 20 minutes, I was done. The questions are really simple, and I can answer them pretty naturally.

The second surprise was the accuracy of the results. Not only it gave me a bird’s eye view of my personal character traits, strength and weakness, I also get all the details that I need. For example, under extreme conditions, what are my natural reaction, and my behavior towards the situation.

The third surprise was the professionalism of David. As a personal friend, he’s wonderful! In terms of analysis of the profile, he was able to do it very professionally, and answer some of my tough questions to him.

Throughout the entire review session, my head was nodding all the way, agreeing with his explanation. The Harrison Assessments is just a tool, but David’s explanation and assessments bring it to a whole new level that’s only unique to him.

I would say the accuracy of the result is at least 90%.

I will definitely work with Talent Continuity again to embrace their 3 step process into our company, so we can attract talented people to grow our business.

Roy Phay

Director, Micrron Pte Ltd

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