Case Study 4

Engineering Firm Enhance Employee Communication through Profiling Tools

Project Background

Project Focus: To enhance enhancing employee communication using personal profiling tools.

Project Objective: To improve employee communication and enhance working relationship.

Client Background

Sector: Engineering

Nature of Business: Manufacturing and fabrication of Fibreglass Products

Countries of Business Operated: Singapore, China, Taiwan and Europe

The Challenge

Key factors identified affecting business development:

  1. Poor communication among employees.
  2. Not placing employees in the positions based on their capability and profile.

Diagnostic Conclusion

To enhance the employees’ communication and ensure employees are being place in the right position.

  1. Identified personal profiling for key employees in the company.
  2. Better communication by understanding each other unique personality at work.
  3. Using profiling to develop these key employees to optimise their potential.

Approach and Recommendation

  1. Conduct company-wide profiling for all employees.
  2. Perform one-on-one profiling interview and diagnostic with key employees.
  3. Perform feedbacks and advisory to management.
  4. Recommend changes in key position changes to optimise potential and enhance effectiveness of job function.

Performance Management Capability

Manpower Planning Capability

Enhance Corporate Culture

Enhance Employee Communication

The Results Were Amazing

Key milestones achieved:

  1. Identified strength and weakness of key employees using proven profiling tools.
  2. Placed the right person with ability and profile onto the right job position, optimising individual potential.
  3. Directly improve effectiveness and efficiency of the business operation.
  4. Build more effective working relationship among employees.

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