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SkillsFuture Mentorship Testimonials

Testimonial for SkillsFuture Mentorship Programme

SkillsFuture SME Mentors programme is a Spring Singapore funded SkillsFuture initiative that aims to enhance SMEs’ capabilities in learning & development, and human capabilities. Aim to build up their value proposition as employers of choice offering good career development and growth opportunities.

As a SkillsFuture mentors, I help participating SMEs by coaching and mentoring their managers and supervisors to enhance their systems and processes for learning and development, and value add to other human resources capabilities. They will also coach managers and supervisors to improve their training delivery.

Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd

“Over the past 9 months, the company experienced improvements in clarity of job responsibilities among different departments, improved work flow process as well as new employment on-boarding and on-job training.”

Mr Kenji Leow

General Manager, Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd

I am now confident in training other new hires. The major changes materialised from the SkillsFuture Mentorship Programme allowed me to pay more attention to individual Job Scopes and Responsibilities of my staff, and allow myself to focus on my own roles. We established clear schedule with a systematic flow of training. With clarity of individual Roles and Responsibilities to prevent over-training and thus reducing stress impact to new hires.”

Ms Gabriel Chia

Operation Manager, Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd

“Before our company engaged David as our mentor, we structured our processes and procedures based on verbal understanding/execution. After SkillsFuture Mentorship engagement our training guidelines allow us to have a clearer process on Training Blueprint/Training Needs Analysis/On-The-Job Training and Appraisal for employees.”

Ms Fion Leow

HR and Account Manager, Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd

Supreme Components International Pte Ltd

“SCI sees the benefits from engaging David Koh as our SkillsFuture Mentor. We have better defined individual Job Description and Roles & Responsibilities, improve in our new hire on-boarding training, clarity in approach and process of Performance Management, and improved On-The-Job training processes (such as training material, assessment, training plan and schedule) for critical positions.”

Mr Verjesh Aggarwala

CEO, Supreme Components International

“I see changes made after this engagement in standardising recruitment and requirements with exact identification of skill sets needed for each position. The mentorship programme also improve my confidence in applying my coaching skills in training other staff.”

Mr PSS Suppiah

General Manager, Supreme Components International

“More structured and organised business processes have been laid out for the role as such it is easier to understand what needs to be done in critical positions. The training materials we developed are very easy to understand, very methodical and structured so every process can be accounted for all day-to-day activities. I feel confident that anyone of reads it will have a proper grasp on the roles.”

Mr Swraj

Customer Service Executive and Sales Executive, Supreme Components International

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