Coach Your Team Of Certified Productivity Practitioners To Achieve 20% Productivity Improvement In Less Than 3 Months

What if we tell you that there is a guaranteed successful implementation process to improve your business profitability or reduce your business cost by at least 20% in less than 3 months?

This process will help your team of in-house productivity practitioners, who are newly certified by Singapore Productivity Association in the Enhanced Certified Productivity Practitioners Programme (eCPP), to successfully achieve their project target on time and within budget.

As fresh graduates from the eCPP programme, your in-house productivity task team of 6 practitioners have successfully completed the 3-month programme and joined the 240 elite individuals of productivity specialists, certified by Singapore Productivity Association.

They will soon realize that to apply and implement what they have learnt from the eCPP programme on a real productivity project at work is a challenging and stressful task. The company and its management has high expectations of them to achieve the 20% improvement on their very first productivity improvement challenge.

The team is under tremendous pressure to perform, and the management is eager to show case their success, to enjoy their return of investment, to begin driving productivity culture, and most importantly to reap the benefits of higher profit and lower cost.

So if you can accelerate the process and achieve a guaranteed successful implementation of the team’s first productivity project, why not? With the guidance and coaching of an experienced certified productivity consultant and at one-third the cost compared to Spring Singapore’s Capability Development Grant (CDG) project that provides a similar service, it can be achieved in 10 weeks.

This is an extended value-added programme administered by the same certified productivity consultant who has been coaching your task team in the recently completed/or in the process of completing eCPP programme . This is the Advanced Productivity Implementation Programme (APIP).


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Benefits of engaging this programme:

  • Your investment is only equivalent to one-third of the cost of a productivity improvement Capability Development Grant (CDG) project that is of similar size, scope and deliverables.
  • You can complete implementation of the project in less than half the time compared to the duration of Spring Singapore’s approved Productivity Improvement Capability Development Grant (CDG) project. (10 weeks to be exact compared to close to 6.5 months if you apply for a Spring CDG project)
  • During the implementation of the project, you will have a better cash flow for your business operations because of more flexibility in the payment term and there is no claiming process and reimbursement period as compared to Spring CDG project. Cash tied up for Spring’s CDG project is as long as 6 months from the approval of the application.
  • You can start immediate implementation of the project and reap the benefits 8 weeks faster than a Spring’s CDG project because there is no waiting period for the application to be approved. (The normal Spring’s approval cycle will take about 8 weeks)

The table below shows why you need to take advantage of the APIP. When enrolling into the APIP, the company not only reaps financial benefits, but also profits in taking a shorter time to realise the improvements in productivity. Additionally, without the need for progressive payment (Spring CDG Project may requires 1st and 2nd payment), you can free-up your cash flow for other critical business purposes.

Note: Please slide left and right to view the table details.

APIPSpring CDG Project
Consultant Fee$9,980Estimated at $30,000
Spring FundingNone$21,000
(@ 70% of project cost of $30,000)
Net Fee Pay (After Funding)$9,980$9,000

PIC Claim as of 1st August 2016 **

Cash Payout($3,992)May not be able to claim

Cash Flow of the Project Investment

Grant Application Period (a)None8 weeks
Implementation Period (b)10 weeks10 weeks
Reimbursement Claim Period (c)None8 weeks
Total Project Period (a+b+c)10 weeks (~2.5 months)26 weeks (~6.5 months)
Total Time Saving to Materialize Benefits16 weeks (4 months)None
Cash Tied-up Period (b+c)None
(No application and reimbursement required)
18 weeks (~4.5 months)
Total Cash Flow Tied-upNone$21,000

Cash Payment Schedule

Confirmation Payment50% Upon Contract Signed and project start upon signing of contract10% Upon Contract Signed
1st Payment None30% Upon Project start
(8 weeks from application)
2nd PaymentNone50% Upon Completion
(18 weeks from application)
Final Payment50% Upon Project Completion
(in 10 weeks)
10% Upon Final Report Submission

**PIC claims only applicable to eligible companies. T&Cs apply. Cash Payout Conversion rate is revised on/after 1st August 2016


Advanced Productivity Implementation Programme (APIP) is an extended programme from the eCPP programme. APIP is administered by Talent Continuity and its team of experienced certified productivity consultants. These consultants are expert in their own industry, and professional in their field and area of specialization.

APIP apply an effective implementation process of

  1. On-site facilitation to learn
  2. On-Site coaching to apply and implement
  3. Results and Effectiveness Review
  4. Final Process Documentation


APIP Learning Framework


This is a simple but effective process used by experience consultants to allow the task team to learn from actual application of the productivity tools, techniques and methodologies (which have been taught in the eCPP programme) during the implementation of the actual productivity project.

The programme realistically coaches the task team to apply knowledge on the pre-identified project and actual work situations with the guidance and coaching of the productivity consultant. This repeating cycle of teach-apply-implement-measure-document expedites learning and sharpens problem solving skills. It also reduces the project’s duration and implementation time to achieve the expected performance in the shortest time.

Once the process has been mastered, it can be reproduced in any other productivity projects that the task team embarks on in the future to achieve similar result.

Become One Of The Successful High Productivity And Profitable Company

APIP Programme Overview

APIP Programme Structure

Total Number of On-Site Sessions10 sessions (80 hours)
Percentage of On-Site Facilitation SessionsAbout 30 to 40%
(Depending on project identified)
Percentage of On-Site CoachingBalance 60 to 70%

APIP Programme Fee

Programme Fee
Nett Course Fee$9,980.00

PIC Claim as of 1st August 2016 **

Cash Payout($3,992.00)

Registration Guidelines

Registration of the APIP must meet the following requirements:

  • Companies that have registered to enrol or have already completed eCPP programme is preferred.
  • Only 6 participants who are Certified Productivity Practitioners by Singapore Productivity Association in eCPP programme are allowed to enrol in APIP.
  • Compulsory for participating companies to complete the full programme
  • Nett Outlay = $9,980.00

* T&Cs apply

** PIC claims only applicable to eligible companies. T&Cs apply. Cash Payout Conversion rate is revised on/after 1st August 2016

Act Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to expedite the learning process of your productivity improvement task team, with shorter implementation period to realize the fruit of productivity project Get guarantee results in next 10 weeks to make a success and worthy investment of your resources Invest in continuous engagement of the same coach/consultant who trained your task team in the eCPP programme


Enjoy the benefits by signing up now:


  • Invest only one-third of the cost of a Capability Development Grant (CDG) project
  • Complete implementation of the project in less than half the time of a CDG project
  • No waiting period for the application to be approved by Grant bureaucracy and approval procedures
  • More flexible in the payment term with no claiming process and reimbursement waiting period
  • Enjoy better cash flow for your business operations
  • Quick implementation of the project and reap immediate benefits

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